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How to Take Care of Newborn For Young Couples

How to Take Care of Newborn .The presence of a baby is not only exhausting and emotional, but it also raises concerns. Many parents, especially new ones have children, are confused in caring for newborns.

Perhaps you have done some preparations to welcome the baby from long ago, but still you need a big adjustment because your new role is now as a parent.

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 Taking care of newborns

Caring for a newborn is identical to fatigue throughout the day. Not infrequently, many parents are overwhelmed by excess pressure. Especially when you have the first child. For that, the first thing to note is how parents manage the pressure that exists. Some of the following can be applied to managing the pressure when caring for a newborn.

Maintaining Physical Condition

Although caring for newborns is often associated with lack of sleep, avoid eating caffeine or other drowsy foods. Keep the consumption of healthy food, sufficient daily water needs, and always make sure to breathe fresh air.

In order for the condition to stay in shape, sleep in unison with your baby's sleep time. Ask your partner to replace your position during the night can also be done. In addition, make sure to occasionally invite the baby to enjoy the things that interest you. Good daily habits when applied can make you more energetic when caring for the baby.

Do not be afraid

Seeing tiny and funny baby, you and your partner may feel worried about not being able to take good care of him. Anxiety may be reduced if it is discussed together.

In addition, laughing cheerfully with your baby and your partner can outline the fears. Do not be afraid and do not believe in new routines for your child, such as changing diapers or calming babies. At first it may seem stiff, but in the end you can get used to it and be easy.

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Delay other jobs first

Do not be too push yourself to keep things that usually done before the birth of your baby. Cleaning the house and washing clothes can be delayed so as not too tired when caring for newborns.

You can also save energy by reducing activities that usually take a long time, like cooking. If before your little one is accustomed to preparing a perfect dinner, then now enough to serve food that is easily processed. Of course, that does not mean you put aside the nutritional value in it.

Do not confine yourself

When caring for a newborn baby do not hesitate to leave the house. Fussy baby while in the house, may be cheerful when invited out of the house to just walk around breathe fresh air.

Having a baby also means limiting relationships with your friends and family for a while. Occasionally let them help with your baby. Do not refuse when they want to hold baby or other activities that can save your energy.

Know when to ask for help

Remember, your childhood childhood will not be repeated twice. Therefore, enjoy those 'troublesome' times. Even so, you must still know your own limits. If indeed the pressure is already very heavy, ask for help from the experts. You can seek help from your parents or your doctor for tips on taking care of your baby's health.
Some Related Things Newborn Baby

Some things below must be considered when caring for newborns.

Keep baby clean and safe

Keep hand hygiene when holding or holding a newborn baby. Wash your hands first before making contact with the baby so they avoid the attack of germs. Be careful when carrying a newborn baby, especially note your grip on the head and neck of the baby.

Never shake the baby while waking them up because they can cause bleeding in the brain. Limit also the level of our game with the baby. Do not throw a catch or shake a baby at the knee because it's dangerous.

Bathing the baby

Newborns need a bath at least twice a week. Before the umbilical cord is dislodged, it is recommended to bathe the baby using a sponge.

Bathe your baby with shampoo and soap designed specifically for their skin condition. Other supporting items that must be owned to bathe the newborn is a washcloth, soft towels, and a baby bath. If you are worried about the product being used, it can cause irritation, talk to your doctor.

Changing diapers

One of the newborn care that is considered difficult is to install diapers. You might change diapers up to 10 times a day. This depends on the intake the baby receives. Generally, infants who are forced to give formula milk since birth have a higher urinary frequency than breastfed babies.

While it's about defecation, babies do it first after a day or two of birth. The good newborn droppings are black meconium. Meconium itself consists of mucus, amniotic fluid, and everything that the baby swallows while in the fetus.

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