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How to take care of newborn good and right

take care newborn baby

Take Care Newborn.Caring for a newborn baby certainly requires careful preparation, yes, Mam. Especially for the first time Mam who will undergo this as a thrilling first experience, as well as fun. What needs to be prepared? Basically, a newborn or newborn baby will usually only do these three things: eat, sleep and repeat. Of course, with interspersed piss, pup, cry, or burp. Well, I want to share a little experience when taking care of the baby first, yes.

How To take Care newborn

Bathe Cacing pita di daging babi

Ideally, a newborn baby is bathed with lukewarm water. Because we live in a tropical country that tends to be moist, babies should be bathed at least once a day. Some things that should be considered, are:

Use a clean and comfortable bathtub. I used to use a taffle type tub, so it does not have to bother squatting or bending.
Bathe baby casually and unhurriedly. Use the moment to bathe the baby as a communication event, for example by inviting him to chat or hum.
Choose the type of baby care product with a formula that is safe and soft for baby's skin, and should not contain harmful ingredients such as parabens.
Always change baby's diaper every time he pee or poop. Provide round cotton and warm water to clean and observe also whether the baby has diaper rash.
Checks always genital hygiene, umbilical cord (if not already puput), ears, and fingernails little baby yes, Mam. Do not hesitate to consult or seek their expert advice or help (doctor, midwife) if Mam has any questions.

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As you know, WHO recommends exclusive breastfeeding until the infant is 6 months old. Breastfeeding on a newborn does require adaptation yes, Mam. Here are some tips that might be useful:

Learn tips on breastfeeding success, even before giving birth. Mam can take lactation classes, read successful breastfeeding stories, and eat nutritious foods that are believed to help optimize the volume and content of breast milk.
When the newborn baby, give him breast milk every two hours, or whenever he wants it.
Make a baby burp after he drank milk, to prevent flatulence. The simplest way is to support the baby in a standing position so that his chin is on the shoulders of Mam. Sense the baby's body, and pat lightly back up to belch.


Newborns usually sleep up to 16 hours a day. Luckily, my baby type is quite easy to put to sleep, ie after full feeding. Some things to note are:

Make sure the baby has been satisfied before falling asleep. Feelings of a satisfied baby, is the body and facial expression look calm and relaxed, and both hands are open or not in a fist position.
If the baby is fussy, try to calm down by mimicking the baby's condition in the womb, for example by making him feel warm like a dibedong, or swinging for a moment. Both can give her a soothing reflex.
Provide a comfortable crib / crib, equipped with mosquito net. Avoid putting too many accessories like a big doll because it is dangerous for a newborn baby yes, Mam.
If Mam used to play music to the baby since in the womb, Mam can make it sleeping music, you know. When I was pregnant, I often played Jazz for Babies for the little guy, and until now he slept soundly while listening to the album.

thank you for reading the article How to care for newborns baby good and right.

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